Cooking TogetherAs seniors age, most need some support to stay at home, a place where most prefer to live. Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan, a Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), is a great option for many of the elderly patients that health care professionals, such as you, interact with regularly. Through our program, seniors have access to a complete health care system and support services to help keep them safe, healthy and in their home.

Understanding PACE

Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan is a PACE provider. This is a unique approach to senior care. PACE provides a full range of services to help seniors stay in their community and in their home. For a description of the services we offer, visit our Services section.

For more information about PACE programs in general, please see our FAQs section or go to the National PACE Association website.

You can also call us at 517-319-0700. We would be happy to stop by and explain how this program can work for your elderly patients.

Referral Process

If you are working with a senior who lives in the Senior CommUnity Care of Michigan PACE service area and you think he or she would benefit from our program, please contact the Enrollment Specialist at 517-319-0681, the main line at 517-319-0700 or email us.